You Can Dance Co.


Nothing prepares you for that special day like learning to dance! The first dance symbolizes the love between the two of you, and the start of your new life together. You may choose to learn some basic steps, in order to prepare for your reception, or maybe you want a dance choreographed to your chosen song. Either way, our instructors will help you to gain confidence, learn some great dance moves, and learn more about your partner. Social dancing teaches couples how to communicate without words, but rather through subtle body movements. Dancing together at your wedding is something you will cherish for the rest of your lives, and can even become a mutual passion.

All eyes will be on you during your first dance. When that moment arrives, you'll want your friends and family to be amazed by your confidence, elegance, and style. Nothing about your wedding day will be generic, and your first dance should represent you. That's why most couples enjoy dancing a customized choreography. Imagine gliding across the dance floor in the arms of your beloved, while your friends and family share in this memorable moment.

Whether you want your dance to be romantic, sassy, sophisticated, cheeky or traditional, we can help you. Choosing the right song is a very important part of planning your wedding. It can set the tone for your reception, while allowing you to express your feelings through music. It might be a special song you share as a couple, or maybe a song with meaningful lyrics that describe your feelings for each other. Your song choice will also dictate the dance you perform. It's also possible to choose two songs, in two different styles. For example, maybe you want to start with a traditional waltz and then surprise everyone by showing off your salsa moves! If you haven't decided on a song or dance style, we can help you choose.

We can also choreograph father/daughter and mother/son dances. These dances symbolize the creation of family ties. One of the most touching moments of a wedding is the bride's dance with her father. This dance portrays the unique bond between a father and daughter, and affirms the bride's transition into a new stage in her life. The mother/son dance represents the lasting love of a mother. At this moment, the mother expresses pride in her son, and welcomes her new daughter into the family.

Bridal party dances are the latest craze in wedding fun. A well-choreographed group dance has visual impact and can be one of the most entertaining moments on your wedding video. This is a great way to say 'thank you' to your bridal party, as each person will be able to enjoy learning and performing a new dance! It can also function as a 'starter' dance to encourage guests to get out of their seats. Another way to get the party started is to have our instructors offer a quick dance lesson at your reception.

The benefits of learning to dance will not stop on your wedding day. The original investment in your dance lessons will continue to pay off throughout your lives, and can provide years of enjoyment.

If you loved your first dance lessons, you may want to build upon your knowledge. You will find many other occasions to dance, such as at private parties, clubs and other weddings.

Your partner is now your life partner, and many of our students have said that their shared love of dance ensures that they spend more quality time together.

While our instructors can make the most of even the shortest space of time, we recommend that you begin taking lessons at least 3 months before your wedding. If you can start taking classes sooner, you will find the learning process more fun and relaxing, and your special day will be even more enjoyable.

Tuition rates can be found on our private lesson page. Please contact us for more details, and to set up your first class.