You Can Dance Co.


Clarisa C. says:
'My husband and I took classes at other studios in the area, but kept struggling with their teaching methods until we started our classes with You Can Dance Co. The staff are very friendly, patient and upbeat. We have taken private and group lessons and in each the instructors have taken their time to make us feel comfortable, not only with the steps but also our styling. I highly recommend You Can Dance Co. to everyone.'

Mary M. says:

'You Can Dance Co. were our first ever dance classes. Thanks to their excellent teaching skills and warm, friendly atmosphere we caught the dance bug! We still occasionally take lessons from them and go to the Ballroom Club dances where they give a 1 hour FREE lesson each month! We feel like part of their family!'

Ken V. says:
'We took a salsa/samba class from this school and had a great time! Our instructor was fun and personable, and easy to talk to if we didn't understand what she was showing us. They offer all kinds of classes, for varying stages of skill as well. We had taken a salsa class from another school in the area, but feel we learned more here, and also had more fun while doing it.'