You Can Dance Co.

Getting Started

Want to start taking classes, but not sure where to start?

Tell us what type of music you enjoy, where you are planning to dance, why you want to learn to dance, and we'll choose the best lesson plan for you. Whether you want to look cool at the night club, hold your own at the company party, have fun on your next cruise, impress your wedding guests, or just get in shape while moving to music, we can help you!

While social dancing requires a partner, you do not have to bring one to any of our classes. We encourage students to trade partners during our group classes, and students will also have the opportunity to dance with an instructor. However, those who have a regular dance partner will find it easier to practice outside of class times.

We teach several types of classes:

Private lessons are great for dancers of all skill levels. If you are a beginner, private lessons are the fastest way to build a strong foundation and gain confidence. They are individually tailored to your learning style and pace, and, even for intermediate dancers, they are the optimal way to improve your technique. Private lessons also allow you the greatest flexibility, as you can choose your own lesson times and which dances you want to learn.

Group classes provide general dance instruction, and also give you the opportunity to dance with different partners, which is an important part of learning social dancing. They progress from week to week, allowing you to build upon your knowledge and gain more confidence. They are also the most affordable class option.

Workshops are 2 or 3 hour sessions, each of which focuses on one dance. Whether you are a beginner in need of a jump start, or an intermediate dancer who wants to learn new amalgamations, these intensive classes will help you to improve your dance skills. Workshops are especially useful if you are unable to commit to regular weekly classes.

Dance Etiquette

  • Please be polite and supportive of all dancers. Remember that we were all beginners once.
  • Try not to criticize or correct. Let the teacher do the teaching.
  • Sometimes we have odd numbers of leaders and followers in a class. Use solo time to practice steps on your own.
  • In group classes, please participate in changing partners. It will greatly improve your ability to lead or follow.
  • At dance events, try to dance with as many partners as you can. Help everyone out, including yourself, by taking the initiative and asking others to dance.
  • Please keep in mind that dancing is a close contact activity, so good personal hygiene is a must. We recommend you bring a dance bag with a small towel and maybe a change of shirt. Mints are also very useful.

For more information please visit our FAQ page or contact us.
We look forward to dancing with you soon!