You Can Dance Co.


Tired of running on the treadmill? Dance fitness classes can provide all the benefits of standard cardiovascular exercise routines, in a fun environment. Burn calories, strengthen your muscles, and increase your energy levels while dancing
to a variety of rhythms! Dancing also helps to relieve stress and tension, remedy depression and social anxiety,
and increase self-confidence. Our dance fitness classes are not only a great workout, but they will also
teach you moves that you will be able to use on the dance floor. Revitalize your workout and start dancing!
These are ongoing classes, so you can join anytime. No experience required.

Ballroom Bootcamp
This class provides a varied
multilevel cardiovascular workout. It works on
full-body toning and strengthening. You'll learn steps as well as body and arm styling from a variety
of Latin, Club, and Smooth dances. Work on full body moves that will make you
feel confident and sexy.
Get your dance groove on!

New class TBA.
Call ahead to get on the list.

Ballroom dance shoes,
dance sneakers, or Dancesocks are recommended.
Line Dancing

Have fun and get fit, all
while learning the latest
and greatest Line Dances.
Dance to all music styles:
Oldies, R & B, Latin, Swing, Urban and Country.
Work at your own intensity level with optional variations.
Plus the next time you're
at a party you'll be ready
to line dance there too. 
Fridays 7pm
See group class page
for dates and cost.

Ballroom dance shoes,
dance sneakers, Dancesocks or leather soled cowboy
boots recommended.

Learn basic ballet
technique to improve posture, body alignment and core strength.
We focus on flexibility, fluidity and muscle tone.
The workout is slow and smooth, yet you'll get a surprisingly intense and
fun workout.
You'll soon discover and strengthen new muscles during these full body powerhouse workouts.
New class TBA.
Call ahead to get on the list.

Ballet slippers or
soft soled jazz slippers
are recommended.
Urban Groove
Improve your coordination, stamina and musicality
while dancing to Hip Hop styled moves and rhythms.
Learn body isolation
movements while working through choreographed sequences set to popular,
high-energy music.
Get into this fun urban
dance style and you'll be ready to dance to
any night club music from disco to pop, and
of course Hip Hop music.
New classes TBA.
Call ahead to get on the list.

Dance Sneakers or Dancesocks recomened.
New students are always welcome.  However, we recommend you call ahead
to reserve your spot in any of our fitness classes that you are joining for the first time
Ballroom dance shoes, Dancesocks and Ballet slippers are available at our studio.
We have great prices, styles and quality.

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