You Can Dance Co.

Children's Programs

Dance classes provide a great combination of mental stimulation, physical activity and social interaction.
Dancing teaches children mathematical and spacial concepts, as well as physical coordination. It can increase their memorization skills, improve their attention span, and make children more creative problem solvers. Dancing boosts children's confidence, teaches them social etiquette, and improves their self-assurance in social situations. Plus, dance classes are a great way to have fun and make new friends! Most children have a natural affinity to music and movement which, when encouraged at a young age, will make learning to dance easier and more rewarding.
  Ballroom Dances
Kids will learn both Smooth and Latin dance styles like:
the jazzy Cha-Cha, the fun Swing,
the rhythmic Bachata, the elegant Waltz, the spicy Salsa and the dramatic Tango.

No partner required.

Ages 8-10: day & time TBA
Ages 9-12: day & time TBA
Ages 13-16: day & time TBA

Ballet Basics

All dancers benefit from the strong foundation in this elegant and graceful traditional style. Students will gain strength, flexibility and musicality.
We encourage all boys and girls
to take the Ballet challenge.

Ages 5-7: day & time TBA
Ages 6-8: day & time TBA
  Ages 8-12: day & time TBA

.Hip Hop
This class covers the basics of this urban dance style. We teach body mechanics, isolation techniques and
rhythm fluidity. Kids will have fun dancing to today's popular songs while learning fun and easy dance routines.

Ages 8-12: Day & time TBA
Ages 12-16: Day & time TBA

Monthly Tuition Rates:

$40 for 1 class per week
$72 for 2 classes per week
$96 for 3 classes per week
Receive 10% off tuition rates by pre-paying quarterly

Fall Quarter (September - November)
Winter Quarter (December - February)
Spring Quarter (March - May)
Summer Quarter (June - August)

Please contact us for information on family discounts.


You must call ahead to check on availability and to pre-register before attending any of our children's classes.
Kids class sessions are 45 minutes long.
The various groups are divided by level and age as needed.

Parents must stay on premises for students younger than 10 years old.

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